Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sameness Difference Stillness Movement

Here are shots of the show at Ogle Gallery (details are in the previous post). All the works looked great together and with a certain sameness of color throughout that felt very spare and elegant. Rob's pulsating reds and blues were the lively exception.

This is my large piece, Low Tide. This was the first time I've used this black wax in such a large scale. Even though it dark, the amount of pigment is very small and there is still a certain translucency. I saw this article the other day about researchers at Rice University who have created the blackest substance on earth. Fortunately I've not gone there.

this is a detail of Low Tide

Fluctuations (Dark). I'm really enjoying this dark wax. I've got a couple of smaller pieces in the works in the studio. The variations result by simply adding more or less black pigment to the wax. I like that the natural color of the fabric shows through when there is less pigment - it almost appears pinkish.

detail of Fluctuations

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