Tuesday, February 23, 2010


detail from Vertical #4

Doppler PDX
625 Everett Street #109
Portland OR 97209
Opening Reception March 4th 5:30-9:00
March 4-13th 2010
Gallery hours Saturdays 1-4, and by appt.

Doppler PDX is a gallery/studio promoting dialog around experimentations and processes that artists undertake while creating their work. 

 My show at doppler pdx is a new direction for me.  It's much more formal work. The materials are similar but I'm not working with the organic forms and shape. It's been a fun exploration and I'm really on a roll with ideas to expand this body of work. Doppler PDX is a tiny space so I'll be looking for a larger venue soon. Here's the press release from Doppler.

Constrain to Vertical is a show by Brenda Mallory where she creates works inspired by stacks of UPS “end-of-day” barcodes. Mallory used a sewing machine to sew sequential lines (or pintucks) in fabric wall pieces. Drawing from the minimalist paintings of Agnes Martin, Mallory utilizes vertical line on the fabric. As she confined herself to work within strict linear parameters, Mallory work moves outside of her norm of organic form.  Constrain to Vertical is an exciting new direction for Mallory and her work. 

Trimmed UPS "end of day" barcodes. I've been wanting to make something with these for the past year.


An Agnes Martin painting above. And below is the pintucking happening at the sewing machine.

These works all began to seem too much like a painting and I decided to cut them up and reform them.