Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mechanics of Hither and Yon

Portland International Airport, Concourse A
November 14, 2011 - November 15, 2012

I’m excited to announce the opening of Mechanics of Hither and Yon, a site specific installation that surrounds travelers passing through Concourse A at Portland International Airport. The exhibit features a multitude of organic forms that allude to global travel through the metaphor of seeds and spores. Covering three walls with 24 feet ceilings and spanning the 40 foot long corridor, it's my largest work ever! And certainly the most public.

Please note: You must to be a ticketed passenger, but you can go to Concourse A regardless which terminal you arrive or depart. The installation will be up for one year, until November 15, 2012.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 - Off to a Great Start!

It has been a busy January!  The big and happy news is that I am now represented by Julie Nester Gallery in Park City, Utah. And right off the bat she sold a big piece. And a commission for a similar piece is pending. I popped a bottle of sparkly the day that call came!
Julie Nester Gallery

I'm in a two-person show called Drift with Marlana Stoddard-Hayes at Chehalem Cultural Center in Newberg.  Marlana makes beautiful paintings that she often begins by leaving mushrooms directly on canvas so it becomes stained with spores. I love that nature is helping create her work. Her paintings and my sculptures look great together. My piece, Emergent Properties, looks a bit like a 3D version of some images in one of her paintings. The Newberg area has some great wineries - you could make a day trip: explore a few wineries, peruse some art, and then finish off with a cocktail at the fancy Allison Spa and Resort. (Hmm, designated driver required perhaps?)
Postcard from Drift
Emergent Properties, ©2005 Brenda Mallory, 10 x 15 x 5 feet, Welded steel, waxed cloth, wire
January 17 - March 18
Chehalem Cultural Center
415 E. Sheridan
Newberg, OR 97132

I just delivered work to Catherine Person Gallery in Seattle for Cumulus (with Hannah Alex-Glasser and Jacqueline Will). It will be open January 28 - February 26 with an artist's reception February 3. Stop by and say hi if you are in Seattle.

Porous Borders #2, ©2010, Brenda Mallory, 25 x 42 x 4 inches, Waxed cloth, nuts & bots,

Waveform (dark), ©2010 Brenda Mallory, 31 x 5 x 4.5 inches, Waxed cloth, threaded rods, bols
And last but not least, I'm featured on a segment of Oregon Public Broadcasting's Art Beat.  It airs on January 20 and January 23. Click here to view online.