Saturday, November 17, 2007

High Activity Level

These past two months I've been a buzzsaw of activity. Deadlines are a great source of inspiration! The group show I organized at Ogle opens in two short weeks and last weekend I finished my pieces and now just need to get PR and postcards out. It's called Sameness|Difference|Stillness|Movement. Included are Mary Lang, Yoshi Kitai, Rob Tyler, and yours truly.

And just when I thought I was going to have a bit of breathing room to quietly starting making a body of smaller works I've been thinking about, I got word that the curator of the show I'm going to be in at Tower Fine Arts/SUNY Brockport wants some of my large works which I don't have crates for so now I'm scrambling to get that together. SUNY is giving me an honorarium to speak at the opening! The show is called EndoSkeletal/Exoskeletal: Sculptures with Armature.

And I've been busy applying for grants - I've got four out (fingers crossed). And tonight a gallery owner is coming for a studio visit which of course meant a frenzy of cleaning and organizing had to occur so they don't kill themselves trying to walk through the chaos.

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