Thursday, November 22, 2007

Exhibition at Ogle Gallery

I have organized a exhibition at Ogle Gallery of four artists (including myself) whose works explore the concept of repetition in one form or another. The preview reception is Wednesday, December 5, from 6-9pm. I hope you can join us for a glass of wine and a chat with the artists.

And if you miss Wednesday's reception, there is a First Thursday, December 6, reception as well – alas, no wine that night. A full press release is below.


Sameness & Difference | Stillness & Movement
An exhibition organized by Brenda Mallory

Ogle Gallery: 310 NW Broadway, Portland OR 97209
Artist Reception: December 5th, 6pm-9pm
First Thursday Opening: December 6th, 6pm-9pm
Exhibit Dates: December 4th - February 2nd, 2008
Ogle Gallery Hours: 11am-6pm, Tuesday through Saturday

Repeated, seemingly identical forms combine into an endless mass to become a wheat field, an ocean surface, an advancing army, or a migrating flock. The power of the many with its potential for infinite expansion cannot be denied. But it does not overpower the rich experience of taking the closer look that shows distinct individual and minute variations within that vast sameness.

Nothing ever repeats itself exactly, but human beings, from artists, scientists, mystics, farmers and housewives, have found meaning in repetition. Brenda Mallory shows her own work and brings together three other artists whose practices explore these themes. Their methods and motivations vary, but each works within the discipline of repetition, examining the ideas of sameness, difference, stillness and movement.

Mary Lang studies the ephemeral and intangible by photographing the convergence of light and energy on the ever-changing fluid surface of water.

Rob Tyler patiently hand paints individual frames of 16mm film leader, then digitally manipulates the film into pulsating rhythms that never repeat in quite the same way.

Yoshi Kitai makes excessive individual marks that converge to form a surface, a meander, or a line in a field.

Brenda Mallory's connects multitudes of the same form, allowing the slight differences in the size or shape of the forms to create undulations and irregularities.

Brenda Mallory, 503-593-8897
Valentina Barroso Graziano, Ogle Gallery, 503-227-4333


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